The Arts Center of the Capital Region is a private, not-for-profit  corporation that began life as the Rensselaer County Council for the  Arts in 1962. In its early years, it was located in a brownstone mansion  on Troy’s Washington Park. Art classes were offered for the first time there in 1965, with the mansion‚ converted ballroom and formal dining rooms serving as an art gallery.

Three decades later, The Arts Center bought 5 adjoining buildings on  Monument Square in downtown Troy and renovated nearly 36,000 square feet  into fully-accessible studio, exhibition, and performing arts space. It  also changed its name to The Arts Center of the Capital Region,  recognizing that its classes, exhibits, and programs serve 48,000 people a year drawn from an 11-county region surrounding Troy.

 Today, The Arts Center is proud to serve as a regional arts center,  known for its wide range of high-quality classes for adults and  children, arts camps for children and teens, highly acclaimed exhibitions and performances, and funding and technical support for arts organizations and artists. We continually are striving to better serve the community in which we live, so please read the submissions below, and take advantage of the opportunities we offer to local artists. 

Thank you for you interest in The Art Center of the Capital Region's Mural Project. The City of Troy requests that all murals on public view (ie on buildings or streets) are pre-approved by the City of Troy, even if you own your building.  Art in the public eye reflects on our community, and we want to help you make your mural the best it can be. 

The Art Center would like to be your guide to a pre-approved project. 

Please answer and submit all required documentation.


Hoosick Street Underpass Public Art Project

Call For Submissions | Deadline: February 15, 2021

The Uniting Line, a collaboration of the City of Troy, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, TAP, Inc. and Collar Works is seeking proposals from Regional Artists for The Uniting Line Underpass Mural project to transform the underpass area of the Hoosick Street Bridge (Rt.7) in Troy, NY, focusing on the cement pillars between the areas of River Street and 6th Ave. Regional Artists are defined as artists who live within the core Capital Region counties of Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington, and Warren counties.


In the late ‘70s, New York State demolished nine blocks of a commercial district and hundreds of residences to build the Hoosick Street Bridge. Hoosick Street is now a dividing line. To the South is downtown Troy, a historic Victorian commercial district. North of the bridge is North and North Central Troy, our historically most disinvested neighborhoods, where activists and community organizations are now working to foster livable, walkable, and affordable communities.

The Uniting Line Underpass Mural will coincide with neighborhood improvement plans and city initiatives focusing on North Central Troy, NY in cooperation with the City of Troy, NYSDOT, and community stakeholders. The Uniting Line Collaboration is leading efforts to revitalize and beautify an underutilized public space, making contemporary art accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. By focusing on the Hoosick Street Bridge underpass between River Street and 6th Ave., the Uniting Line Underpass Mural will bridge the gap, and enhance an area in transition by creating an attractive gateway between neighborhoods divided and lost by the bridge’s existence. 

Project Description

The Uniting Line is an innovative opportunity for an artist to envision how the surfaces of the bridge’s concrete pillars can be transformed into an uplifting visual design that aims to brighten and unite the community. The Uniting Line is looking for an artist or artistic team who is willing to work with the community to further develop their ideas for the artwork and space.

The Uniting Line project is looking for conceptual designs that are “warm, “inviting,” “uplifting” and “bright.” These key themes came directly from the community through public surveys administered in North Central Troy near the Hoosick Street Bridge. Given the spirit of the project as a gateway that reunites neighborhoods divided by the bridge, we encourage artists to understand the important history of the area and its neighborhoods together with the vital natural resource of the Hudson River nearby.

Successful Projects Will Meet the Following Goals

•Create a high-quality public art project.

•Embody contemporary artistic integrity.

•Conceptually unite and uplift the two neighborhoods adjacent to the site.

•Repair the visual and spatial divide created by the bridge, by embracing warm, inviting, and bright themes.

•Respond to the site and its unique characteristics, including proximity to the natural environment.

•Special consideration given to projects that engage the community in the conceptualization and/or creation of the project

Dimensions and Surface

The Uniting Line will cover the surfaces of the concrete structural pillars under the Hoosick Street Bridge from River Street to 6th Avenue.  There are 16 concrete piers. Each pier has different dimensions. Detailed measurements of each individual pier are located in the resource documentation files that can be accessed at https://www.artscenteronline.org/publicart/uniting-line/. The Uniting Line project has a budget for technical and equipment support. For a folder of images, resource materials, CAD drawings, and other materials that may be helpful in submitting a proposal for consideration, access at https://www.artscenteronline.org/publicart/uniting-line/.

Artist Selection Timeline: There will be a general information session for artists interested in submitting proposals on January 12, 2021. The deadline for submissions is Feb 15, 2021. The top five artists or artist teams will be recommended by the Artist Advisory Panel by March 1, 2021. The top five artists or artist teams will each receive a $500 honorarium in recognition of their work. Their proposals will then be presented to the community for consideration and feedback. The final artist selection will be made and announced by the Uniting Line Collaboration Team, with input from the community, by April 5, 2021.

Fabrication and Installation:

The artist will have the opportunity to present their skills and preferences for design, fabrication, and installation based on their experience and abilities. The Uniting Line project team will work closely with the artist throughout the process and can provide assistance and resources in line with the project budget.  Artists are expected to convey an understanding of mural making in their proposals. The installation will begin in late Spring 2021. The City of Troy, together with other municipalities and institutional support, will be responsible for maintaining the mural after its completion. The project is expected to have a lifespan of 5 years.

Budget: The Uniting Line project team is actively seeking and securing funding from grants, foundations, sponsors, and individuals. The project budget for the mural creation is up to $145,000 including design, fabrication, and installation. We are willing to consider design-only proposals up to a $20,000 artist fee, with fabrication and installation to happen by a third party contractor.

Installation Schedule: The installation is tentatively scheduled to begin late Spring, 2021, and be completed July 1, 2021.

Project Process and Requirements

The City of Troy will work closely with organizations and artists to implement the project following approval. The City of Troy, The Arts Center of the Capital Region (ACCR), TAP, Inc., and Collar Works, together with the selected Artist(s), community stakeholders, and others make up the project team. Prior to installation, the project team will meet to finalize the project schedule, review the project scope, sign the legal agreement, and begin implementation.

The selected applicant(s) must sign an agreement with The City of Troy and The Arts Center of the Capital Region (project fiscal agent) on behalf of the collaboration team. The City of Troy provides the necessary permits to install on City-owned property and facilitates necessary approvals and permits for NYSDOT properties. As per the agreement, the artist receives credit, sole ownership, and copyright of the artwork, but is required to extend to the City the right to a royalty-free, perpetual license to use any depiction of the artwork for non-commercial purposes.

Required Submission Materials

All materials should be submitted through the provided Submittable link. Technical assistance is available. Proposals will be reviewed by an Art Advisory Committee. All items must be included as part of the submission package or applications will not be reviewed.

☐      Application Form (https://artscenterofthecapitalregion.submittable.com/submit)

☐      Project Description/ Statement of Intent

1-2 pages explaining a.) how your design or approach meets the identified goals above. b.) experience you have that would contribute to your success in completing this project and c.) your ability to undertake this project within its timeline in Troy, NY. d.) how you might engage the local community in the planning, development, execution and/or through related programming around your project.

☐      Artist Biography (up to 250 words)

☐      Artist Resume (1 page)

☐      Itemized Budget (including a breakdown of lead artist/designer fee (including travel), assistant painter/artist or contractor fees, materials (ex: paint, sundries, or other materials), equipment (lifts/scaffolding), contingency.
☐      Up to 5 project proposal renderings that represent the artwork to be presented at the proposed site. Can include: sketches, site plan, and photo renderings. Can be jpeg and pdf files. Can include a link to a webpage. Proposals must include renderings of 1.) paired pilings with front and side views 2.) all pilings viewed from 6th Street West to the Hudson River 3.) all pilings viewed from The Hudson River East to 6th Street. Additional renderings will also be accepted if applicable.
☐      4-5 images of past artwork examples in jpeg format

☐      Associated image list for past artwork that includes: title, date of completion, medium, dimensions, location (if applicable).

☐      3 professional references will be required from finalists.

All application materials must be submitted through Submittable.com

Technical assistance is available at callforart@artscenteronline.org


All inquiries regarding the CFA should be emailed to: callforart@artscenteronline.org.

The Arts Center of the Capital Region, the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council, and Saratoga Arts are happy to release a call for art. The 120° Intercollegiate Regional is a juried fine art exhibition for students attending an accredited College or University located within 120 miles of Troy, Glens Falls, or Saratoga Springs, NY. The exhibition travels to a different host site each year highlighting the best of collegiate art students in the region. This year, the exhibit will be at The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY March 5 - April 16.

Please take note of all dates and guidelines.

This is a juried exhibition and artwork submissions are not guaranteed to be accepted. Applications must be received by Monday, February 8, 2021. Artists will be notified no later than Friday, February 12, 2021, if their artwork has been accepted.

All artworks submitted must be created by the artist.

All artists must be currently attending or have graduated no sooner than December 2020 from an accredited College or University located no more than 120 miles of Saratoga Springs, Troy, or Glens Falls, NY.

A juror will select which pieces will be exhibited, as well as the three "Juror’s Choice" awards and three "Honorable Mention" awards.

The Arts Center of the Capital Region is pleased to announce a Call for Artists. Submissions will be considered for opportunities including solo exhibitions, small and large group exhibitions, installation possibilities, and more. Artists in all media - clay arts, painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, video, photography, performance, and mixed media presentations - are invited to submit artwork for consideration. Artists must live within a 100 mile radius of Troy, NY to be considered. Proof of residency may be required if selected.   

Submissions will be selected by the Arts Center Curator. Artists who have exhibited at the Arts Center in the last 2 years (not including the Fence Show) are not eligible. All works must be original and completed within the last five years. Artists selected will be scheduled from Winter 2021 onward, and will range from approximately 2-12 weeks in length.

Selected artists must exhibit work consistent with the images and proposals shown in their application. Any artists submitting video or digital media must provide their own equipment if selected.  

All applications must be sent through submittable.com. You will need to create a log-in account with submittable in order to apply. The deadline is January 31, 2021 at 11:59PM.   

This application is for artists only. We are not accepting group show or exhibitions at this time.

Our curator will be in touch with you if you have been selected for a future opportunity.

Please email callforart@artscenteronline.org with any questions regarding the application process. No phone calls please. 

The Arts Center of the Capital Region is looking for 25 artists to sketch 50% of a 40 page sketchbook and one completed work during the winter of 2021 for "More Than a Sketchbook: The Diary of an Artist." Sketchbooks will be on display with accompanying artwork for Arts Center visitors to look through April 30 - May 31, 2021. Final works will be for sale but sketchbooks will not. All media will be accepted for final submission.

Each artist will be provided a sketchbook and will be required to submit one finished work by 4/23/2021. There is a $10 deposit required for each sketchbook. The deposit will be returned to the artist upon its drop off to the Arts Center in April.

This project gives the artist a chance to share their process, thoughts, likes, dislikes, and their personal creative journey with the viewer. The Arts Center is creating an opportunity for artists to present their work with the potential for discussion, education and understanding. Our community members, viewers and patrons can appreciate the skill, time, and development needed to implement an idea into a finished piece by engaging themselves with the process.

Criteria: Working, emerging or professional visual artists in all media - painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, video, photography, performance, and mixed media presentations with at least one year of exhibition experience - are invited to submit proposals for consideration.

Submissions will be selected by the Arts Center Curator.

Selected artists must exhibit work consistent with the images and proposals shown in their application. Any artists submitting video or digital media must provide their own equipment if selected.  

All applications must be sent through submittable.com. You will need to create an account with Submittable in order to apply. The deadline is January 31, 2021 at 11:59PM.   

Our curator will be in touch with you if you have been selected by Friday, February 5th, 2021.

Please email callforart@artscenteronline.org with any questions regarding the application process. No phone calls please. 

The Arts Center of the Capital Region