Welcome to the Arts Center of the Capital Region.

We operate with a simple principle: art belongs to everyone.

From our mission to our values to our programs, we view the Arts Center as a creative and responsive organization with deep roots in the community, exciting collaborations and an expansive vision of how the arts can flourish in our region by helping to foster a supportive, inclusive and livable community.

We were founded in 1962 as the Rensselaer County Council on the Arts in Troy, NY, and it has been since these early days that we have partnered with the New York State Council on the Arts to manage the SCR program for Rensselaer, Albany and Schenectady Counties.

Our goal is to create a robust creative community that intersects, informs, and inspires the public while fostering growth in our artists and transforming our community’s cultural understanding and expression.

We achieve this goal through four core programmatic areas:

·  arts in the public realm, in which we develop public art and exhibitions with and for the public

·  community projects in which we foster neighborhood engagement

·  arts education, in which we offer hundreds of classes a year for all ages and abilities, including community college and public-school programs, and

·  artists’ services, in which we provide grants, funding and training services for artists, who are the foundation of our work.

Artistic Vision: Call for Artists & Curators 

Inspiring Contemporary Creating in Our Community

The Arts Center of the Capital Region is pleased to announce an open call for artists, collectives, and organizations to submit proposals for solo and collaborative exhibitions. We also invite experienced curators to participate in selecting and curating these exhibitions. We are committed to fostering a vibrant art community by providing opportunities for both artists and curators to showcase their talents and engage with the local community.


This call for art and curators is open to artists, collectives, organizations, and experienced curators of all backgrounds and experience levels. We encourage emerging artists, mid-career artists, established professionals, and experienced curators to submit their proposals.

Submission Process for Artists:

All artist submissions must be made via Submittable.com, our preferred platform for accepting applications. Please ensure that you have the following materials ready before beginning your submission:


CVs/Resumes: Provide a comprehensive curriculum vitae or resume that highlights your artistic background and accomplishments.


Work Samples: Submit a selection of your artwork that represents your style, technique, and artistic vision. Include high-quality images, videos, or audio samples, as appropriate.


Submission Process for Curators:

Experienced curators interested in participating in the selection and curation process should submit the following materials via email to [contact email]:


CV/Resume: Provide a detailed curriculum vitae or resume that showcases your curatorial experience, including previous exhibitions and relevant projects.


Curatorial Statement: Share a statement that highlights your curatorial approach, areas of interest, and your vision for curating exhibitions at The Arts Center of the Capital Region.


 Selection Criteria:

Artistic Merit: Both artist proposals and curator submissions will be evaluated based on their artistic merit, originality, and conceptual strength.

Relevance to Theme and Community Engagement: Proposals should demonstrate a clear alignment with the theme and purpose of the exhibition call. Artists and curators should also showcase a willingness to engage with the local community through their work.

Feasibility: The practicality and feasibility of executing the proposed exhibition will be taken into consideration during the selection process.

Important Dates:

Submission Period: [9/15/23] to [11/30/23]

Exhibition Period: 2024-2025

Note: The Arts Center of the Capital Region reserves the right to request additional information or clarification during the selection process.

We look forward to receiving your inspiring proposals and witnessing the power of artistic expression within our vibrant community. Should you have any further questions, please reach out to us at [contact email/phone number].

The Arts Center of the Capital Region eagerly anticipates your unique artistic contributions and invites experienced curators to join us in curating exceptional exhibitions!

Ends on

The Arts Center of the Capital Region is partnering with YWCA of the Greater Capital Region for their 8th Annual “Brava!,” a fundraiser seeking to provide new bras at no cost to those who need them and who live either at YWCA-GCR or in the Greater Capital Region. The event will feature writers from around the region and beyond who will read jury-selected poems and essays or perform songs and monologues on the subject of brassieres in their lives. The pieces will touch on the subject from many viewpoints and range from poignant to hilarious. The idea for the event developed out of a conversation between author, editor and teacher Marion Roach Smith, who taught memoir writing for many years at The Arts Center and Malissa Pilette-McClenon, former Director of Development and Marketing at the YWCA-GCR. “When we were discussing holiday needs for the residents, Malissa told me that bras are always in desperately short supply,” Roach Smith said. “This struck a powerful chord with me, and we decided right there to do something about it.” A brand-new bra with tags is part of the $35 admission price for the night. In the eight years in which the event has taken place, more than 4,000 bras have been collected, all of which have been made available to those in need. The event will take place on the evening of November 9th 2023, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, 265 River Street, Troy, NY.

Please submit pieces of no more than 750 words in length on the topic of the role of bras in our lives.

Submission is open to all.

The pieces can be essays, monologues, poems or songs.

Please: No sexualized pieces should be submitted.

Songs should be no longer than 3.5 minutes in duration.

With your submission, please include:

  • Title of the work
  • Short bio
  • Contact email
  • Whether or not you are willing to read/perform your piece.

A jury will select from the pool.
  Deadline to submit is October 3, 2023. You will be contacted by October 10, 2023 about your submission.

The Arts Center of the Capital Region